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Cheyney Group Accounting Software Hong Kong Review: Essentials for Small Businesses using QuickBooks Pt. 2

Cheyney Group Blog - Last week’s column looked at five essential steps that business owners want to review BEFORE setting up QuickBooks software. This week, we’ll provide insights on correctly using the lists, templates and integrated modules in QuickBooks.

1. First and foremost (and regularly) – READ your reports.

If your reports are garbage, your set-up,...


!About the blog

Cheyney Group Marketing is a firm providing website and practice development services to the accounting industry. The website development services operate efficiently by generating leads through optimization of search engine. Our practice development system serves as training ground for accountants at higher profit margins to realize higher fees every hour and operate a less stressful trial.

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Cheyney Group Accounting: Contrôles internes

Contrôle interne défini

Contrôle interne est les méthodes et les procédures instituées par une entreprise pour des opérations de contrôle et de sauvegarde actifs. Il est important de noter que sauvegarde l'actif comprend les actifs informationnels tels que : listes de clients, tarifs, propositions, registres de comptes clients, etc.. Contrôle des opérations...